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Application and Sample Trial / Sample Testing Laboratory Facility

Application and Sample Trial / Sample Testing Laboratory Facility

Welcome to Techno Search’s Testing Laboratory Facility!
We are Spray Dryer Manufacturer with a long history of operation, having been in business since 2000. Our team of experienced personnel, is dedicated to providing training and demonstrations on the use of the Spray Dryers.
Our Laboratory is Equipped with state-of-the-art Laboratory Scale as well as Pilot Scale Spray Dryers and follows a strict quality control measures.
Our team is dedicated in providing support for development of your product recipe by conducting your product trials in our Laboratory. This helps you to work with the customized spray dryers and develop the perfect product recipe. Together we build a customised Spray Dryer suitable for your product application.
All this before you make any significant capital investment.
Our Trial Facility is Equipped with Laboratory Scale Sprayer Dryer Along with Pilot Scale Spray Dryer.


Trials Conducted


Applications Served

Neelikon Food Dyes & chemicals Ltd.

Aditya Birla

Calyx Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Trial Facility

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